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Senyuan Furniture - Focus on creating custom brands for villas and hotel furniture

   Time:2018/1/30 0:00:00

Senyuan Furniture, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yongan Forestry (stock code: SZ.000663), is the world leader in five-star hotel furniture and hardcover luxury custom furniture industry. The company is located in the modern forestry industrial park of 330,000 square meters in Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It has a large-scale modern manufacturing base, with more than 2,500 professional employees, more than 280 national patented technologies, and new imported equipment, 10,000 square meters. The large-scale furniture exhibition hall and technology research and development center are among the top in the industry.

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Senyuan also owns Beijing Gaohui Lihao Construction Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Yayuan Space Accessories Co., Ltd. to realize the comprehensive development of design/construction/furniture/accessory industry integration!

   How to choose the furniture of the board hotel, from the veneer of furniture, the easiest way is to observe the pattern, the wood veneer has a natural knot, the color is not uniform, the color is different, and the pattern also changes. Conversely, paper veneers do not have these characteristics.
1. Board hotel furniture considers environmental protection From the perspective of environmental protection, the most important thing for furniture is to be environmentally friendly. For the family, health is the most important. How do you think that the plate-type hotel has no environmental protection? It is necessary to know from the certificate of the furniture that the E1 and E0 plates in the certificate indicate that the furniture is environmentally friendly, and it is also possible to smell whether the furniture has a pungent odor. Whether the furniture is environmentally friendly.
2, the details of the workmanship of the plate hotel furnitureGood furniture depends on the details of the workmanship, such as looking at the hardware accessories, whether the edge sealing parts are close.
3, the quality of the plate of hotel furnitureThe plate is made of ash, and the texture is beautiful and durable. If it is a plastic veneer, you should see if there are any seams around the board from the side. If it is a thin wood veneer, check if the seam of the wooden strip is tight and the texture of the wooden strip is smooth.

4. Structural firmness and movable part gap of panel hotel furnitureGently push the furniture by hand. If there is a sway or a squeaking sound, the structure is not strong. Looking at the gap in the activity part is mainly from the appropriateness of the gap between the door seam, the drawer and other details, the section shows the fineness of the furniture.

5, the color of the plate hotel furnitureWhen choosing furniture, you can’t look at the color of the furniture separately, but it depends on whether the color of the furniture matches the color of the interior wall and floor. Coordinating color furniture is more beautiful, warm, and the difference is quite strange.

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